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Motherhood in a Modern Family

Taryn Kljakovic is the co-founder of Womens Collective, one of the organisations we support. She works as Head of Publicity, Promotions and Creative Marketing at Sony Music New Zealand. Recently, along with her wife Sasha, Taryn has become Mum to a gorgeous baby boy, Miha, almost four months old. Life is definitely busier than ever for this 28-year-old dynamo, so what really makes her tick and what is her perspective on Motherhood, new and all as this journey is for her. We asked her to share her thoughts with us.

So Taryn, tell us a bit about yourself.

My name is Taryn Kljakovic, by day I am music fan girl at Sony Music and at all other times, I am a Mum to my son, Miha. In addition to these two important roles, I am also the co-founder of Women’s Collective, a people’s movement designed to give women a space to meet, share and to discuss issues that affect us as well as our communities. What makes me tick? First and foremost, my family and then second to that, all things Beyonce.

How are you finding motherhood
and the juggling act?Taryn and Sasha

Life with a baby is big adjustment. It is hugely and
overwhelmingly positive, but it also requires super-planning! I juggle my career and being a mother by prioritising.

Each week I think ahead to what the top tier priorities in my life are, and I focus on those first and foremost.

The most challenging part of becoming a mother has been learning to say no, because I can’t do it all.

The most rewarding part, is the purpose and meaning my son gives my life.

What advice would you give your pre-Mum self?

If I could give my pre-Mum-self some advice, it would be to tread carefully when overtired!!

Being a Mum is extraordinary because…?

Being a Mum is extraordinary because it is entirely selfless.

How do you plan on celebrating Mother’s Day?

This is my very first Mother’s Day! I will also be sharing it with my wife (our son has two Mamas!), so I know it will be a special one.

If you could choose one of our wines, which would it be?

I think I would be Rosé – because it’s consistently good in both summer and winter 😉