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Love Emily in Paris? Shop her style with Megan from ThreadNZ

Megan Robinson is the editor of the fashion website which began in Auckland 19 years ago.

When she’s not shopping for vintage fashion at op shops and checking out new fashion at shows and events, you’ll find her enjoying a Pinot Gris while the children play with water pistols, or in the hot tub. She lives in Auckland and has two Tonkinese cats.

Emily in Paris Style Guide

Megan has put together a Kiwi style guide inspired by the latest Netflix must-watch “Emily in Paris” that we’d love to share with you.

Emily in Paris is a fashion sensation on Netflix. The American social media marketer in Paris is styled by none other than the iconic Patricia Field of Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada fame.

Sure, how you could you afford $3000 Chanel coats on her salary, we may ask?

Let’s not ask too many questions and just enjoy the many outfit changes in each episode, teamed with berets, new and vintage designer handbags, and of course her signature hat, the bucket hat.

Steal Emily’s haute couture style with these looks available in New Zealand. French chef living downstairs, not included.


Checked Tailored Blazer $139 at ZARA, and Mr Cub Chain in croc $449 at Deadly Ponies. Top it all off with the French cliche – beret. Hatworx NZ has a huge range of colours of berets in stretch wool, for $18.99.

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