Wine for women who do extraordinary things, every day.

Welcome to the home of The Sisters – wine for women who do extraordinary things, every day.

That’s all of us!

Every day, we achieve extraordinary things, juggling all kinds of activities from looking after the home and family (young, elderly and in-between), to community stuff and oh yes, working! How often do we stop, reflect, and acknowledge all the things we do? We’re more likely to be telling ourselves we need more hours in the day to get it all done.

Spending time engrossed in conversation or in fits of laughter with your girlfriends often gets pushed down the list (if it’s on there at all?!).  The Sisters wines are all about encouraging women to pause for a moment to reflect on and celebrate all that we do, all that we are. These wine styles are just perfect for raising a glass to us, so cheers!

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Featured wine

Pinot Gris

The Sisters Pinot Gris 2022 has a lifted nose of peach and pear. It is just off-dry and tastes of stone fruits complemented by a bit of spice and a fine balance of acidity. The texture is smooth and weighty, leaving a lasting impression which makes the wine very appealing with or without food.

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Autumn Skin Care Tips

As the leaves start to fall and the air gets crisper, it’s time to give your skin a bit of extra care. With the change in seasons, your skin might need a little more attention to stay happy and hydrated.

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