Wine for women who do extraordinary things, every day.

Choosing wine – three good reasons to choose The Sisters!

With so many wines in the wine aisle, how do you choose what wine to buy?

Nice looking labels? Medal stickers? The back label description of how the wine tastes?  Or perhaps something that’s aligned with your values and lifestyle? Increasingly consumers are making purchasing decisions based on what resonates with them personally, choosing a brand that reflects what’s important in their lives.  And of course, the wine needs to be a quality drop that actually tastes good!

REASON ONE – Choose wine that DOES good

The Sisters is all about reaching out to today’s busy women and acknowledging the many roles we juggle.  From looking after the home and family (young, elderly and in-between), to community stuff and oh yes, working!

When we launched The Sisters wines, we wanted it to be a brand that had a real purpose. We have an innate understanding of how hectic women’s lives can be – we get it.  So let’s pause and acknowledge the extraordinary things we do each and every day and the support we give each other. We firmly believe that generosity and compassion matter. And we believe that women are truly extraordinary and that together we achieve great things.

And so, from the beginning, Dress for Success was an organisation that we felt embodied many of the values that we as a brand stand for. The organisation’s ethos is to empower women to continually shape their destiny — transforming themselves, their families, and their communities.

Dress for Success came to New Zealand in 1999, when the Auckland affiliate was founded. There are now seven affiliates in New Zealand, in Auckland, Christchurch, Hamilton, New Plymouth, Northland (Whangarei), Rotorua, and Wellington and to date, they have helped tens of thousands of women in this country. 

We are proud to supply The Sisters wines for Dress for Success fundraising events. You can read more about them here  5 Things You Need to Know About Dress for Success and we encourage you to visit their website.

Back to choosing wine!

REASON TWO – Choose wine that TASTES good

Of course, we think The Sisters wines taste pretty jolly good!  Our winery has been producing top quality wines for over 30 years, so we reckon we know what we’re doing.  However, like many things we make use of every day, we may not know the inner workings (nor do we need to!) but that doesn’t stop us enjoying or using the product or service.  And it’s the same with wine – if you like the taste, you’re sorted! 

Tasting notes are written by the wine producer and are another great way to understand a little more about a particular wine. If you have a preference for how dry or sweet you like your Rose or Pinot Gris for example, tasting notes can be helpful.   You’ll find information about each of The Sisters wines here

REASON THREE – Choose wine that IS good

The Sisters brand is owned by Lawson’s Dry Hills. All of our wines are 100% certified sustainable and we are a carbon zero certified organisation.  So, what does this mean for you?  It means when you purchase our wines, you can relax knowing your enjoyment comes at no price to the planet.

Our wines are made from grapes grown in Marlborough and are produced at our Lawson’s Dry Hills winery in Blenheim.  Lawson’s Dry Hills is currently the only New Zealand wine producer to hold both ISO14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO14064 (carbon zero) accreditations.  You can read more about this and our sustainability story here.

The Sisters Wines – Wine that does good, tastes good and is good!

We know you probably don’t have the time to browse the shelves for long – you’re too busy! So, look out for the strong silhouettes of women on The Sisters label and not only will you enjoy a delicious wine from our own vineyards in sunny Marlborough, but you’ll be supporting a brand that supports women throughout New Zealand, and hopefully one day, throughout the world.