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A Miracle Journey to Motherhood

Lisa is a 46-year-old Mum to one daughter, five-year-old Orla. Like many women, Lisa struggled to conceive and underwent ten years of fertility treatment. Finally, after seven rounds of IVF, several miscarriages and 24 embryos, she was lucky enough to give birth to what she calls her ‘miracle’ We asked Lisa to share her story as part of our celebration of Mums this Mother’s Day. 

So Lisa, tell us a bit about yourself.

Almost fifteen years ago when I learned that I would have to embark on IVF to have any chance to conceive, I decided I would need flexibility in my work. I made the decision to launch a marketing consultancy which specialises in digital marketing for women called Charisma Social. I’m proud and lucky to call The Sisters Wine one of my clients. I juggle running my own business with being a Mum. My clients are so supportive. Working with women who ‘get it,’ makes it all so much more doable without losing my sanity. That empathy shines through. I really love what I do and think that the balance between being my own boss and being a Mum works for my family. I waited a long time to become a Mum and I want to be able to enjoy this while working at something that I am passionate about and love to do.

Lisa-Orla and SheepCan you share your motherhood journey?

I am originally from Ireland. I met and married a Kiwi and moved here in 2003. I come from a large Irish family, so having children was always something I wanted. I had thought perhaps three. The choice wasn’t mine to make. At 32, I was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes and severe endometriosis which meant that the only way I could conceive was through IVF. I was optimistic and hopeful but the journey was not easy and there were many ups and downs along the way. I am incredibly blessed to be one of the success stories. At 41, my dream of becoming a Mum was realised when I welcomed our daughter into the world. 

Motherhood is by far the hardest job I have known. Getting used to functioning on little or no sleep is a bit like a magic act. You surprise yourself regularly with just how far your body can be pushed to its limits and operate on reserves you didn’t even know existed. I was once told by friends that it is a love like no other, and that is so true. I hope that I can nurture my daughter’s unique talents and raise a child who contributes in a positive way to the world. I’m ill equipped to raise an only child and I worry about getting it right, the same as any Mum does. I guess we can only do our best and ensure that no matter what, our children are loved and cared for. There are so many mothers and indeed women in the world who don’t have that opportunity, so we owe it to them not to take ours for granted. 

What advice would you give your pre-Mum self?

I would say, “Remember you were a person before you were a mother and make sure you always do something for yourself.” It’s far too easy for us to take a back seat to everything else, but looking after ourselves is so important. Sure life changes, but savouring and enjoying moments as a woman outside of being a Mum are necessary. 

Being a Mum is extraordinary because…?

Being a Mum is extraordinary because the opportunity to nurture, care for and be responsible for raising a human being is one of the most special life has to offer. To see your child grow, learn, develop, question and create their own personality and worldview is a daily reminder of why life is truly a miracle like no other. 

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day?

Sleep! I always get to sleep in on Mother’s Day which is the best present of all. Orla will wake me with a card and a cuddle and then we’ll spend the day as a family chilling. I’ll be sure to be toasting to my miracle with some of The Sisters Bubbles; that’s for sure. 

If you could choose one of The Sisters wines, which one would it be?

All of them! No, but seriously, it’s hard to choose, although I am a Pinot Gris gal and I am loving how this is drinking at the moment, so that’s my choice, well today anyway!

Lisa is, as you would expect, social on social. She’s on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you want to learn more about her professional career, then you can check out her bio on her website