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5 ways to stay calm at the start of 2021

Hi, I’m Carly Flynn, I’m a Broadcaster on the Radio and Tele. I also run a Yoga Studio on Auckland’s North Shore, Positive Balance Yoga, which I bought as an attempt to keep wellness and self-care in my life after having a third baby!

Let’s face it, 2020 was a bit of a shi*t show, and Covid 19 has taught us that we cant predict how today is going to go, let alone if 2021 will be any “better”,

These are just some of the things that have helped me survive 2020, that I’m prioritising and keeping in my life for each moment to come that I reckon help me live better, and I hope they help you too!

Self C
are & Healthy Habits

It’s taken me a fair few decades to figure out that these two things are not just buzzwords, but rather fundamental to helping my mind and body work best.

I encourage you to really think about when you’re at your happiest, and healthiest, and do more of it. That list becomes a list of non-negotiables that youcan schedule into your day or week. Having them written down also helps to remind you when you’re feeling a bit off that those are the things that make you feel great.

My non negotiables are: prioritising sleep, always trying to eat better, saying no and not feeling obligated to anything or anyone I don’t feel good about, exercise (Tennis is great for me as it’s social too!), sunshine and making time for people I love with a cup of coffee or glass of something cold!

More Be, Less Do

Remember Lockdown, where your only sense of achievement some days might have been reading a book? Or having a shower? Or baking? Or eating!

I have endless to-do lists, written and imagined in my head, but sometimes just the simple act of“being” can really help clear my mind.

Picking up a book is the ultimate indulgence for me to help stop my endless mind chatter and recharge, lose myself in another world.

Some of my favourites this year have been American Dirt, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka’s Journey, Untamed, Where the Crawdads Sing and anything by Lucinda Riley (but especially the Seven Sister Series).


Even when you least feel like it – movement HELPS change your state. I tell my Yogi’s to just turn up, just get there even after a long hard day with the kids or at work. If they hate it 5mins in, then they can leave. Showing up for exercise (for yourself) is the hardest thing, but you never regret it!Committing to exercise with a friend is a great way to make sure you show up too!

Girlfriends (activity then wine!)

I love my girlfriends. I have a small group who I trust implicitly who I’ve been through some of my hardest and most vulnerable times with, but also the best times. We love to share a bottle of Rose, it can be the best medicine. Sunshine, Rosé, Laughter – so much gratitude! I also like to arrange an activity first (a walk, a tennis match, a beach activity), so that we feel like we’ve earned that glass!


Writing down or thinking about 5 things I’m grateful for every morning or night, really helps my brain learn to focus on positive thoughts, by creating new neural pathways in my brain. Focusing on the goodcreates good!

I’d also love to hear your tips for creating a healthier, happier you! Please share them on my FB Page or come and see us on the mat at