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5 Spring cleaning tips

Premium Clean kindly provided these insider tips as part of our Spring Clean collaboration

What are effective spring cleaning tips?
1. Clean accordingly
2. Be choosy with chemicals
3. Use clean dusters
4. Protect your skin
5. Have rugs professionally cleaned

Whether you are a small family of 3 or a battalion of 8 kids, your rugs require vacuuming and your windows some washing. While you already know which cleaning products and items to use, tips will always come in handy. So before you hit the lawn and put your earphones on, delve into some obvious yet forgotten cleaning tips.

Clean accordingly
When we say clean accordingly, we mean cleaning in order. From the farthest room or the attic, down to the living or the kitchen. You might be standing in your kitchen while planning the clean-up, but you would not want to drag the dirt upstairs in your clean corridors.
Another thing is, cleaning accordingly would mean cleaning each room with a careful selection of cleaning agents. Using a vacuum to remove dust mites is not the same thing as sweeping the floor clean. Take note, they have different usage and power. It is still effective to broom some rooms.

At Premium Clean, we teach our cleaners to use sustainable cleaning items. These are ones that can be reused but still render the same results as it is first used.

Be choosy with chemicals
We can’t reiterate this enough, don’t use toxic chemicals just to get rid of stubborn stains.
Cleaning requires diligence and time. That lemon sitting inside your fridge is effective enough to scrub away stains. You can check online for ingredients that are useful to clean the house. You’ll be surprised with what you will discover. Together let’s support our country on the road to be a fully sustainable country. We live in this world and it is our duty as citizens of New Zealand to protect our nature. With that, go for sustainable cleaning agents.

Use clean dusters
Picture a duster with strands of hair wrapping around the bristles, made fluffy by pet fur, and solidified by sticky stains. That is the very example of a duster that you should already consider replacing. Retire overused cleaning items so that you do not have to do double cleaning.

Protect your skin
Gloves, long sleeves, face masks are your best attire. Unless you are having cleaners over to your house to render cleaning service. Be it a reminder that our country is still practicing safety. We don’t want our numbers going up again. So always check your cleaner. When it comes to your safety, a mask can go a long way. Especially for those with asthma or allergies. For your hands, wear gloves to avoid skin abrasion.

Have rugs professionally cleaned
Raise your white flag on this one and save time as well as your soft hands and washing machine. Rugs are meant to be cleaned in a certain way. Your best bet to achieve a clean, dust-free, and stain-free rug is to have it professionally washed. Give it your first try and just like others, you will be sending your rug off to a better place to be cleaned.

Spring cleaning is one of the most time-consuming chores to do. That’s why at Premium Clean, we can set up a cleaner located in your area to get the work done for you. While we all have time to kick our boots off and relax, there are still some chores that require more than a pair of hands.