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Spring is in the air!

We’re looking forward to all that spring has to offer. After their quiet slumber through the frosty months, the vines are now stirring, rejuvenated by the (hopeful) promise of sun-soaked days ahead. The rise of sap signals the beginning of a remarkable transformation, as the vineyard comes alive once more.
A visual spectacle, known as bud-burst, will unfold as tiny, velvety nodules emerge along the fruiting canes. These delicate buds, gradually evolve into vibrant, emerald-green leaves. 
Once it starts, growth sets off at a rapid pace. Our vines embark on a vertical and horizontal expedition, scaling wires carefully laid out to accommodate their climb. 
But spring can pose its challenges. Frost, a potential threat to the tender buds and leaves, is always lurking. To safeguard against damage, we employ the help of windmills which push the warm air from up above, down onto the vines.