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How to Rock Pink This Summer in Style

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Barbie as much as the next girl, but sometimes you want to wear pink without looking like a 6-year-old.

Pink is a trend this Summer, Pantone have even included a soft, subtle pink (it’s called Rose Quartz) as one of their two Colours of the Year. And what can we say about the divine and delectable Rosé, it’s the “it” drink of the season, and if you haven’t had a taste of The Sisters Wine Rosé, then you are missing out, there is none better and comes highly recommended by this pink-loving girl right here!

So you’ve got your choice of wine sorted, but how can you bring so delightful pink into your summer wardrobe without feeling too ‘girly and fussy’. Well, I’ve got just the ticket! Here are my top 5 ways to bring some playful pink into your look (even if you aren’t traditionally a pink girl)

#1. Start small.

I’m not going to go out and make you buy a pink maxi dress if that’s not your thing, why not give it a go on your fingers and toes. And it doesn’t have to be PINK!!!!!! it can just be a soft, subtle shade with a hint of pink, like these….

soft pink nail polish

SHOP THE SHADES (l-r) Essie Romper Room, Vanity Fairest and Spin The Bottle, all $22.99 from Farmers

#2. Do it in print.

There are so many great pastel prints around this summer so if bold blocks of pink is not your thing, then why not start with a delicate (or not so delicate) print that incorporates pink as just one of the many colours. If you want to up your pink-game, pair the print back with a solid pink piece like the Gorman top and skirt below, otherwise, just stick with a neutral like black or white and let the pink in the print do all the talking.

pink print skirt

SHOP THE SKIRT: Gorman “walala” pop skirt $199

#3. Softly does it.

Not all pinks are made equal. If bright candy pink doesn’t suit your personality (or colouring for that matter) then why not try a softer shade. This gorgeous blush pink looks great with grey, or navy or white for a more sophisticated, soft and subtle look. It’s practically a neutral!

blush pink with grey or navy

SHOP THE SHADE: Country Road skirt $109.00 | Urban lace top from EziBuy $29.00

#4. Choose classic shapes and styles.

If bold, bright pink IS your thing (it’s totally my thing), then look at sticking to clean, classic shapes that won’t date. Try a great blazer, a well-cut dress, or even choose a signature shade of lipstick that you can wear with literally everything.

Classic shapes with pink

SHOP THE CLASSICS: Alannah Hill lace dress $349 | Shoes of Prey custom-made heels $304 | Forever New blazer $69.99

#5. Accessories make the look.

This is kind of the same theory as the nails. Why not just add some pops of pink to your outfit with some well-chosen accessories. A clutch, a necklace, or even a pair of shoes will update your look instantly, but in a classy, sophisticated or fun (depending on your choice of pink) way.

pink accessories

SHOP THE ACCESSORIES: Mr W & Me shoes (made in NZ!) $139 | Revlon lip stain from Farmers $22.99 | Saben leather bag $350


See, there are heaps of different ways to inject some pink into your summer! So whether it’s wine, lipstick or a bold pink dress, go out there and have fun with pink!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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