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8 ways to fall in love with wine

We at The Sisters firmly believe that wine is to be enjoyed. We believe you should create your own rules rather than live by someone else’s.  That said, here are some suggestions that we think are worth following and will only help enhance the experience and enjoyment of wine and perhaps help you fall in love just a little bit more.

1. Do not commit the sin of only ever drinking one style. Do you only eat one kind of food or wear one type of shoes? No? Then take the opportunity to broaden your horizons and dive into the plethora of wines out there. It is not scary, we promise you.

2. Do not be tricked into thinking that wine is bad for you. This usually relates to quantity rather than quality. Don’t buy cheap and nasty stuff. Life is too short. Spend $15 or so on a bottle, share and enjoy. Remember you’re worth it!

3. Don’t allow people to tell you what you must like and not like. Be true to yourself. Fine to listen to suggestions but if some wine snob is using words usually only found on, then smile politely and remind him that you are a woman who knows your mind and choose your own.

4. Do not fill your glass to the top, even if the glass is small. You might spill it. And it makes you look greedy.

5. Food and wine matching is fun and satisfying, but don’t feel daunted by it, or by any so-called rules. Follow some basic rules and experiment, that’s the fun.

6. The more you chill wine, the less aroma and the less flavour. So it is fine popping a wine in the freezer to chill quickly if the girls pop by, but 5 mins tops!

7. Do not be fooled into thinking that cork is best because it is traditional. Developments for the better take place every day and we believe that screw caps are one of those.

8. Finally, the best way you can fall in love with wine is to follow our motto. “Drink What Makes You Happy, With People Who Make You Laugh.”

So there you have it. A few guiding principles. Are there any suggestions that you have found to be tried and true in terms of getting the most out of wine, that you would add to this list?