Wine for women who do extraordinary things, every day.

5 Reasons to acknowledge your achievements right now

The Sisters wine was created to inspire women to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary things they do every day.

Today’s modern woman juggles many demands. Be it a career, family, relationships, home and community. Add to that the media bombardment of how to achieve more in less time, how to climb the career ladder, how to raise perfect children, how to cook the perfect meal and it’s no wonder we hardly ever draw breath.

We at The Sisters say “Let’s feel good about all that we do. every single day. Let’s take a moment to reflect and celebrate what we are already achieving, each and every day.”

Stop for a moment and consider what you accomplish in an average day. Yes, even getting the kids off to school and arriving at work on time – that’s an achievement. Enjoy a moment’s satisfaction.
Self-belief. Recognition of what you do will cement a sense of achievement – I can do this, no wait – I do do this!

Learn to accept what you do now and that you don’t have to do more. You’re already achieving.

Take a moment – if you’ve worked through points 1 to 3 you’ve more than earned that glass of wine.

Relax and enjoy it.

If this makes you feel good, share it with your girlfriends – they’ll be in the same boat.