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How to Decide What to Wear Every Day

I just read that apparently, women spend up to one year of their lives deciding what to wear. That shocked me.

Then I thought about my own morning routine and on average – I reckon I grab a top and some pants and hey presto – job done. But there are times when I do try on a couple of things (and take them off in despair) or stand looking blankly at the row of clothes hanging in front of me.

Can you relate? So what measures can speed this up while giving us the result we need.

I tend to glance at the weather forecast on my phone as pretty much the only thing in helping pick my outfit for the day. If I’m travelling then that will affect my choice, as will any important meetings, but in general, I want to comfortable and semi-stylish.

I say semi-stylish because I simply couldn’t be bothered with the stress or cost of what’s fashionable at a given moment (and let’s face it – it often is for just a moment) but equally, I don’t want to look daggy and downright dull.

One of my time savers is having numerous black, white and charcoal items that merrily mix and match – this works especially well for going away too. I can pull almost any top and any bottom out of the case and throw them on for a fairly coordinated look. And these colours are never out of fashion.

A fitted top with wide pants or fitted pants with a loose top are staples, then dress it up or down depending what shoes you choose and maybe accessorise with a scarf or jewellery. Make-up plays a part too – somedays it’s all about the eyes with a nude lip and others it’s fewer eyes and slap on the ever-favourite MAC Ruby Woo lippy.

And walk tall! We all look better and feel better when we straighten up and drop the shoulders down and back.

Happy dressing!