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Beauty Travel Tips

We all know that flying is an absolute killer on your skin. Whether it’s a short hop on Air New Zealand or you’re heading for a winter escape, it’s important to look after your skin, especially on the long haul flights. Here are some of our top beauty tips for when you travel:

  1. Drink lots of water. Everyone knows that flying dehydrates you, so it’s essential to drink more than usual.
  2. Make sure that you pack travel sized of the following,  lip balm, moisturiser and hand cream. Use them all regularly during your flight.
  3. Pack an eye mask if you are travelling long haul. The lights on airplanes are harsh and can make sleeping difficult.
  4. Avoid alcohol if possible. I know, we’re a wine company, but the truth is that the effect of alcohol is more significant at higher altitudes, so best to avoid, or limit to one with your meal.
  5. Pack a comfy pair of socks and throw in a pashmina or warm scarf into your bag. It can get cold on flights and sometimes the blanket just isn’t enough.
  6. Pack a travel sized toothbrush and tooth paste. If there is one thing that will make you feel fresh, it’s clean teeth!

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