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A Helping Hand

Life doesn’t always go the way we envisioned. Circumstances beyond our control can change the path we’re on just as much as some of the choices we make along the way.

Everyone deserves the best chance at the best life they can possibly live, so when those twists and turns eventually straighten out and an opportunity presents itself to have another go, finding out there are people and organisations who can help us is a real boost.

So where to start? Getting life back on track needs to be done in bite-sized pieces with each being bedded in before tackling the next. But at some point – getting a job is going to be one of those pieces – and a pretty big one at that.

What do we need to get a job? Qualifications? Experience? Not always. Sometimes, at least in the beginning, it’s about who we are as a person, our attitudes and willingness to learn. But even before that, we need the self-esteem to believe we are actually worthy of being listened to by a potential employer. Self-esteem doesn’t come easily to everyone – especially those who have been dealt a rocky ride that has brought them to this point.

Having said that, it’s often the most challenging parts of our lives that equip us for the future. Not in a literal sense with money or clothes or contacts, but with the ability to handle situations better.

To be strong, to see both sides, to give and take with a little more understanding. We may not even realise this.

Often the biggest thing we fear at this stage is being judged. What will they say? What will they think?

Those organisations who are truly there to help you get on your feet are not judgemental. Their focus is to help you with where you can go in life, not where you’ve been.