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5 Ways to Spend Quality Time With Friends

As we get older, life just seems to get busy. It never feels like we have the ‘free’ time we had when we didn’t have responsibilities, to work, to partners, to kids.  And when we’re so crazy busy, it’s our girlfriends who fall to the bottom of the list. We don’t even seem to have the time to pick up the phone to say hi, and yet these are the people who understand and whose friendships are unfailing – they lead a similar life juggling work and family, community and home. Finding quality friends time doesn’t just happen. We have to make it happen.

However quality time with friends is important, not to mention has been proven to have tremendous health benefits! So in the spirit of all we believe in, we encourage you to make time for a day, or a weekend, where responsibilities are less relevant than friendship. Have some group fun and reconnect with your girlfriends. Here we share five ideas on ways to spend quality time with friends.

1. Schedule a Regular TV Date.

We all have those TV series which we become addicted to, not being able to wait till the next episode to get our fix. Luckily enough thanks to modern technology like Apple TV, Neon and Netflix, we don’t have to. It also means that we can schedule a TV catch up when it suits us and our girlfriends. So whatever you can’t get enough of, go ahead and make it a regular TV date. Invite some girlfriends around, do up a nibbles platter, open some wine, sit back and catch up with your favourite shows and each other.  But a quick tip, be sure to avoid spoilers so that you can watch that one-hour episode together.

2. Get Physical

Keeping fit and active can be tough when life gets in the way, but it is so important, as health professionals constantly remind us, to put aside some time during our day for some kind of physical activity. And we all know that exercising with a friend can boost motivation and make us ‘show-up’ no matter what. Going for a walk, doing a Pilates class, playing a team sport that you love, netball or hockey. These are all great ways to ensure that you have regular catch ups. Kicking things up a notch, why not commit to doing a team event together. There are so many great ones to choose from in New Zealand. You could check out the Spirited Women Events in the North and South Island, or the Torpedo 7 Spring Challenge, or anyone of the fun walks and runs across New Zealand. You’ll have lots of fun catching up for some joint training sessions, plus doing the event together.

3. Have a regular ‘Girls’ Night’

We talk about having them, but do we actually do it?! Although the allure of spending an evening together should be enough – why not up the ante with a really cool activity? We love this list of 31 Fun Girls Night Ideas for 2021 from online mixology classes to a photoshoot! Let’s put them in the diary and make it happen.

4. Plan a Girls Getaway

We all need something to look forward to. Holidays are so often scheduled around school or getting away with family, that it feels indulgent to head away without them, but that is the point! It doesn’t have to cost the earth either. If you love wine, why not schedule an annual trip to one of New Zealand’s wine regions. Book a self-catering option on Book a Bach or Airbnb to keep costs down and allow for some chill out with wines in the evening. Or even head off on a bit of a tramp and stay the night in a DOC hut (might want to pour the wine into a plastic bottle to make it lighter to carry!)

5. Get your Wine On!

As a wine lover, and we’re sure your friends are too, what better way to spend time together than discovering and tasting wines, so why not form a Wine Club? Each month choose a different theme – might be a grape variety or a region, and everyone (or every other one!) bring a bottle of wine to open, taste and talk about. Agree a budget first though and make sure there’s some food on offer. Here are some great tips from Natalie Maclean. Enjoy!

Whatever we decide to do, the most important thing is that we do it together, making close friends time a priority. It’s a commitment. It’s a chance to regularly connect and invest in one of the most important relationships in our lives the friendship of our girlfriends.