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How to shop for swimwear fearlessly!

Does the thought of trying on swimwear send shivers down your spine? Well you’re not alone on that one sister! It’s the kind of thing that can strike fear into the hearts of even the most body-confident of us.

But never fear, I’ve got some simple tips and tricks (and places to go) to take some of the heat off swimwear shopping this summer!

1. Pick your moment

Don’t “pop in” to the swimwear store with 3 kids in tow, right after you’ve done the grocery shopping. Put some time aside to go, on your own, and really get it done right. Work out what you are looking for, one piece, bikini, tankini and ask for help! Specialty swimwear stores are always a good place to start as staff generally know their stuff. 

2. Be at peace with your body


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Guess what, your body is awesome and amazing just as it is! You don’t need to look like a Sports Illustrated model to look great in togs (can I let you in on a little secret? Even the Sports Illustrated models don’t really look like they do in the mag – they are photoshopped, and lit, and made-up within an inch of their lives!)

Stop comparing. No one has your unique, beautiful body shape, so learn to not only to accept it, but appreciate and love it! 

3. Shop your shape

Now that you’ve realised your body is pretty awesome, work out the bits you want to play up to (or camouflage!) Here are a few examples of styles that will show off, or skim over, different body bits. (PS. the one piece is BACK in a big way, so make the most of it while it lasts! No more bikinis if you don’t want to)

Swimwear fits

SHOP THE SUITS (l-r): Zest resort front panel swimsuit from Farmers $79.99 | Jets high neck one piece $169.00 | Freya bikini top from Avokado $84.95 and bottoms $49.95

4. Shop up a size

Swimwear 2

I use this trick with underwear too. I’m a pretty standard size 12 in most stores, but ALL, I repeat ALL of my swimwear is at least a size 14. I find the slightly bigger size doesn’t dig into places I don’t want it to dig into. Not all togs are made equal, so don’t pay attention to the size, you want it to fit right don’t you? Then the size doesn’t matter. The beauty of most bikinis now days too is that you can get a different size top and bottom.

SHOP THE SUITS  (l-r): Glassons stripe moulded cup bandeau $19.99 | Glassons stripe tie-side bikini brief $14.99 | Zest Resort tropical print one piece from Farmers $79.99

5. Print is your best friend

Print is the easiest way to camouflage any area you don’t want people looking to closely at. The idea is no one knows if that movement comes from you, or the print – it’s all about distraction and mis-direction I tell you! (and don’t be hating on those horizontal stripes, they are a GREAT camouflage, plus, have you ever seen a VERTICAL striped garment? No! they show off far more lumps and bumps than horizontal stripes, trust me)

Swimear prints

SHOP THE SUITS (l-r): Nancy Ganz Body one piece from EziBuy $179.95 | Robyn Lawley one piece from The Iconic $189.95 | Country Road gathered front one piece $149.00


So there you have it, just a few expert tips to at least take the edge off the fear when it comes to picking up a cozzie for this summer. Now the most important thing to remember when you hit the beach – what you look like in your swimmers is NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS but your own ok? Don’t worry what other people think. Be comfortable, be fabulous and most importantly be you!

Until Next Time, In Love & Style Always,

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