Together, Let’s Start a Movement – #ASistersMoment

Let’s acknowledge each other as women who do extraordinary things, every day. 
Nominate a girlfriend or girlfriends as ‘extraordinary’  and share with them #ASistersMoment for a chance to win a ‘Sisters’ Pack

To enter, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Follow @thesisterswine on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter 
  2. From your social profile, nominate a girlfriend or girlfriends, that you think do extraordinary things every day. Tell her/them why. [you do this by @tag that person in your post]
  3. Choose, text, photos, images, video, whatever you feel is the most natural way to celebrate your friendship and put a smile on her face!
  4. You could intro your message: “I just wanted to take a moment to tell you “@person” [ the reason she is extraordinary ]. End your message with #ASistersMoment. Why not ask her to do the same for one of her girlfriends. 
  5. The most important thing is that you add #ASistersMoment to your post, whatever social platform you choose. 
  6. Your message of friendship and support will be captured on our live #Tagboard #ASistersMoment HERE and you will automatically be eligible for entry.
  7. You can nominate as many girlfriends as you want but they must each be individual posts. You can post as many times as you want. Each new post will be eligible for entry. 
  8. Please review our full promotion terms and conditions of entry.
  9. This promotion will run from Thursday 22nd October through Friday 27th November. It is open to New Zealand residents only and you must be aged 18+ to enter.




Facebook privacy settings make it difficult for the Tagboard to capture messages, so if you want your message to be eligible for entry on Facebook, please see below special note. OR we have created a special entry mechanism directly on Facebook, where you can upload a photo and a message sharing #ASistersMoment straight from our Facebook Page HERE. You will need to be logged into Facebook to enter. How simple is that? 


  • Special Note: Your post setting must be set to public if you post in Facebook, otherwise it will not be captured on our live feed and will not display on the #Tagboard. The person you @tag will also have to accept public tags for it to display on their timeline and on the #Tagboard. 
  • If you want to be included on our Tagboard you will need to do the following:
    1. On Facebook page, click on the “down arrow” located at the top right corner
    2. In the drop-down menu, select “Settings”
    3. On the left hand column, select “Followers”
    4. Change within “Who Can Follow Me” to “Everybody

Facebook Followers


Every week, we will select one of these social posts and will send that person a ‘Sisters’ pack, which includes a Lavender and Neroli 100ml Diffuser and Candle, part of the Naturals Range from the Aromatherapy Company of New Zealand.  


Prize Pack


We want you to help us flood women’s social timelines with messages of support, love, friendship and encouragement to each other.


nzgirl image


We can’t wait for you to join us and looking forward to seeing all those inspiring social posts.

Any questions, feel free to join us @thesisterswine on facebook-128 instagram-128 pinterest-128 twitter-128 youtube-128


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