A Guide to New Zealand #SauvBlanc Day

What you need to know

Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc launched New Zealand onto the international wine stage. It is, therefore, fitting that the international celebrations of #SauvBlanc Day kick off in New Zealand, on the 6th of May in Marlborough. This is a chance for wine lovers the world over to celebrate why this unique, exuberant and intense expression of Sauvignon Blanc is truly so special. #SauvBlanc day links on-site events, such as wine tastings, with online and social media. You can learn all about the international celebrations on the official New Zealand Winegrowers #SauvBlanc Day page

With our home in Marlborough and our vibrant Sauvignon Blanc one of our flagship varietals, of course, we wouldn't miss this party! You can join us online for all the fun on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (#sauvblanc #nzwine #thesisterswine) We've also created a board on Pinterest full of #SauvBlanc inspiration. We look forward to chatting with you online. Cheers!!

For the Love of Sauvignon Blanc

Our General Manager Belinda chats with winemaker Marcus

Let's Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc

To celebrate #SauvBlanc Day, Friday, May 6th, we are offering a special on a selection of our Sauvignon Blanc wine packs. Delivery is 2-3 days so if you want your order to arrive in time for the day, we recommend placing your order by close of day, Tuesday 3rd May.

All deals include FREE SHIPPING in New Zealand. Special rates will apply for Waiheke and Great Barrier. Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally at this time.

Our Sauvignon Blanc delivers everything you’d hope for from this classic Marlborough varietal. Fresh and forward with a combination of tropical passionfruit aromas and flavours combined with zesty, vibrant tones.

Sauvignon Blanc with its herbaceous qualities pairs well with similar green herbs. If it has parsley, rosemary, basil, cilantro or mint, chances are Sauvignon Blanc will make a great match.

Its best match, of course, is great company and we're sure in your house that is always served. Enjoy!

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Unique, Exuberant, Intense, Vibrant

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc and especially from Marlborough has captured the hearts of wine lovers around the globe. According to New Zealand Winegrowers:

"In 1973, as Marlborough’s first Sauvignon Blanc vines were being planted, no one could have predicted that this variety would attain superstar status within a couple of decades. The explosive flavours of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc have dazzled wine critics throughout the world, setting the international benchmark for the style."

We explore in a series of blog posts, just what makes New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc so special, what great foods to match it with and everything you need to know to be totally 'savvy' with Sauvignon Blanc. Think of these as your quick tip guides to celebrating #SauvBlanc day in style. 

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